Budget Friendly Fiber Laser Alternative? Enjoywood M4 is What You Want! Review and Test

Today, we will take a quick look at the Enjoywood M4, galvo laser engraver. This machine is identical to the Atomstack M4 laser marking machine, and we are sure that they share the same internals. It is very fast and very precise and it can engrave all types of metal and plastic materials. It can also be used for surface cleaning and rust removal! It is advertised as a fiber laser engraver, but in this article we are going to put it to the test to see what it can really do and to see if this thing really is a fiber laser engraver as it definitely is a lot smaller and cheaper than a comparable galvo fiber laser marking machine. We will also show you some tricks for using the included software.

The Enjoywood M4 (Atomstack M4) Fiber Laser Engraver Review and Test

The Enjoywood M4 is a very compact and good looking laser marking machine. The build quality looks good and feels high quality. This laser engraver is very compact, too compact for a fiber laser to be exact. But it looks really nice and well made. It is identical to the Atomstack M4, but it costs a bit less. They most certainly share identical internals.

The buttons and connectors look very high quality. It has a manual focusing crank handle and a removable bottom lid which is great for engraving on big objects. You also get the positioning bracket and a plastic cone for handheld operation. It is a small and highly integrated design which offers portability and performance.

Enjoywood M4 has a small working area of 7 centimetres square.  These lasers are meant mostly for making small markings on metal and plastic materials. But due to having a very tightly focused focus spot, the Enjoywood M4 provides an incredible engraving accuracy which offers more usage scenarios as it enables you to engrave very small details on jewellery or other small parts as it offers industrial grade resolution of engravings.

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Is the Enjoywood M4 (Atomstack M4) a True Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Compared to the ComMarker B4, which is one of the smallest 20W fiber lasers we have tested previously, the Enjoywood M4 looks very small. This is why I believe it is not a true fiber laser, but it has a different type of laser source. I believe that it should be more similar to the xTool infrared module which we have previously reviewed, paired to the fast galvo mirror system for beam deflection. But there is nothing wrong with that. With a true fiber laser source, this thing would cost at least twice as much!

Galvo system is basically a box of mirrors which direct the laser beam through the lens and into the material. This is why these types of lasers offer lightning fast engraving speed and amazing engraving accuracy as there are no external moving parts. For more information of the galvo system, you can check out our review of the ComMarker B4 where we have described this in more detail.

The Enjoywood M4 (Atomstack M4) Comes With the SeaCAD Software

This laser is using the SeaCAD software which is a bit stripped down version of the EZCAD2 which is what 90% of conventional fiber lasers use.

The SeaCAD is not really a mature engraving software. It feels a bit Chinese, with some non-translated warnings popping up every now and then. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it is enough for getting everything you need out of the Enjoywood M4 as it is not a real fiber laser and it is easier to use as we will see later.

We have heard rumours that Lightburn is planning to support the SeaCAD machines too, which are a very welcoming news! But for now, the Lightburn only supports some EZCAD2 laser marking machines like the ComMarker B4.

Importing vector files

Importing vector designs in SeaCADis a bit tricky. The SVG files get imported all messed up. The only format that works is the DXF. Here is an example where we made this vector design of a newspaper article with Kittl, and then converted to DXF using Inkscape or Lightburn. It was engraved without issues.

But then we tried engraving another design which didn’t complete no matter what. I don’t know if the issue is in the SeaCAD or in the exported file from Inkscape.

I tried another design and the same happened. I think there is an issue with complex vector designs with a lot of arcs and the error happens either at exporting from other software or importing into the SeaCAD. But “normal” designs always worked without issues.

Filling the vector shapes

When you import DXF files and set the shapes to fill, you will often get undesired results like I got here.

This happens because the vectors in the DXF files do not connect to the last decimal place. But the SeaCAD has a solution for this with the auto connect feature (Modify-> Auto Connect), which connects the ends of nearby vectors.


Now the letter “S” is correctly filled, but the round logo is still not OK. To solve this, you need to check these two check marks in the fill menu and then it should work correctly.

Focusing the Beam and Using the Machine

Focusing the machine is easy. By rotating the handle, you need to align the two red laser dots. When the dots are aligned, the machine is in perfect focus.

Using the Enjoywood M4 is easy. You can preview the engravings and set the marking position with a square outline, or it can outline the vectors directly using the red laser light preview.

Included with the machine you get a pack of awesome black paper for testing. It engraves with very high speed and leaves a white finish. We have left the default setting of 400mm/s and 100% power.

Enjoywood M4 vs Commarker B4 text engraving test

The lines appear to be thinner than with the ComMarker B4, but this laser also has approximately 10 times less power.

How Precise and Small Can Enjoywood M4 (Atomstack M4) Really Engrave?

Let’s see how small it can really engrave by engraving a very small single line text.

Small remark – after it was engraved, we have noticed that if looking at the real dimensions, the text is smaller than it was expected to be, due to the weird font I have chosen. We were looking at the font height and not the actual height.

The real sizes of the text were:

  • 1mm -> 0.75mm
  • 0.5mm -> 0.375mm
  • 0.4mm -> 0.3mm
  • 0.3mm -> 0.225mm
  • 0.2mm -> 0.15mm

This machine can engrave very small details very fast while maintaining high precision. This immensely expands the usage scenarios for this laser marker.

How Fast Can the Enjoywood M4 (Atomstack M4) Galvo Fiber Laser Really Engrave?

The Enjoywood M4 fiber laser engraver is advertised to be capable of running with speeds up to 12000mm/s.

We tested that by increasing the speed incremental to see how the engravings look.

But we quickly noticed, that as the speeds get very high, the pulse frequency comes into the effect since the engraved lines are not continuous any more. We have talked about the frequency parameter of fiber lasers in our review of the ComMarker B4.

True fiber lasers have a frequency setting where you can adjust the frequency of the pulses. But since this is not a true fiber laser, the change of the frequency parameter has no effect. The frequency stays the same no matter what you set in the SeaCAD software.
Due to this fact, in order to draw a continuous line, the maximum usable speed is around 2000mm/s. But this is not a big deal, as due to this laser having less power than traditional fiber lasers you run out of power sooner than you run out of speed.

We can see this in the photos below where we engraved text with 30kHz and 60kHz using the same speed, but the dots were equally spaced both times.

Real Life Tests of the Enjoywood M4 Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Engraving on raw aluminum

The Enjoywood M4 laser engraver works very well on all types of metals. Here I tried engraving an aluminum focusing blocks that I use for my other laser engravers. The engravings are quite deep and will not come off easily. it leaves a nice white finish which is easily readable.

Engraving on aluminum metal with Enjoywood M4 fiber laser engraver

Removing coatings on anodized aluminum

The Enjoywood M4 also engraves anodized aluminum and all kinds of metal oxides beautifully! Engravings are very detailed and have a lot of contrast. You can buy these blanks in bulk online, engrave them and sell them for a good profit! Easy money!

Engraving on anodized aluminum metal with Enjoywood M4 fiber laser engraver

Cleaning coins and removing rust

The Enjoywood M4 can also be used for cleaning dirty coins and for rust removal. I have set up 2 passes, one slower pass and another fast cleanup pass. It makes the coins look like new in seconds!

Cleaning grime from old coins with Enjoywood M4 fiber laser engraver

I used the same settings for rust removal, I have just set a few more passes. It vaporizes the rust and leaves a clean surface. Because it has much less power it is slower than cleanup which was done with ComMarker B4 (on the very right side of the photo below), but it gets the job done.

Removing rust with Enjoywood M4 fiber laser engraver

Engraving on metal tools

I engraved this pattern on my pliers using a fast speed and a single pass. First time, the engraving was not dark enough, so I lowered the speed and did two passes. Now the result is very good. The Enjoywood M4 is good at engraving metal.

Metal pliers engraved with Enjoywood M4 laser engraver

Engraving black acrylic

It can also engrave plastics too. Here I tried engraving black acrylic. It melts the surface and leaves a very nice white engravings, which are lifted out from the surface and are very durable. These engravings look very cool. You can use this to add text on acrylic boxes and other items. it makes for a great personalized gift.

Engraving on black acrylic palstic with Enjoywood M4 fiber laser engraver

Engraving white plastic

I also engraved this generic white plastic power bank with the Enjoywood M4. It leaves a nice dark finish which is easily readable, and it is very durable and permanent.

Detailed engraving on plastic power bank made with Enjoywood M4 fiber laser engraver

Generating barcodes and QR codes

The Enjoywood M4 can be used for generating and engraving standard barcodes of any type using the SeaCAD software. Watch the video at the top of this article too see the whole process.

It can also generate QR code easily. Then you just fill the shapes and engrave them in seconds. Feel free to scan this code if you want!

QR code engraved with Enjoywood M4 laser engraver which was generated with SeaCAD software

Removing markings from integrated circuits with a laser engraver

If you want to protect your designs from being copied, you can also use this engraver to remove markings from integrated circuits. Now that’s a feature, which developers can appreciate!

Features for Marking Items in Serial Production

You can use this laser also for marking serial numbers or custom text in a series production. SeaCAD supports automatic serial number increment, automatic date and time engraving and you can also import predetermined text from a CSV format where each engraving job chooses a text from a new line in the CSV file.

You can also use the button on the side of the machine which is meant for repeated work.

Enjoywood M4 and Atomstack M4 Fiber Laser Engraver Pros and Cons


  • engraves all types of metals
  • can engrave leather, stone and PCBs
  • engraved anodized aluminum like butter
  • great for cleaning coins and polishing metal or removing rust
  • very small laser spot size (even better than most fiber lasers under 3k$) enables you to engrave with high precision and incredible detail
  • galvo system enables you to engrave with incredible speed. What took hours on conventional laser can be done in minutes on this one. Small vector designs can be engraved in a blink of an eye!
  • includes bracket for handheld operation
  • very precise live engraving preview with red light
  • solid build quality
  • very compact size
  • competitive price


  • relatively small working area
  • not the best software (but Lightburn support can happen relatively soon)
  • it can’t engrave wood and similar organic materials (none of the fiber lasers can)
  • can’t engrave glass and transparent materials (none of the fiber lasers can)
  • could use some more power for making very deep engravings

A budget friendly alternative for fiber lasers


 The Enjoywood M4 (or Atomstack M4) is a great budget alternative to traditional fiber lasers. It has lower output power, but it still offers fast marking speeds on all types of metals and plastics. It is a great base for starting a small personal business, making personalized gifts, animal tags, jewellery or marking your own metal products like knives and tools.

You can use our coupon code "BGEWDM4" for more than 100$ off the Enjoywood M4!

Buy the Enjoywood M4 here!Buy Atomstack M4 here!

Be sure to also check out my reviews of newer laser engravers HERE!

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  1. This is not a fiber laser but a DPSS laser with 2 watts optical power…nothing more!

  2. What Rotaries work with the EnjoyWood/Atomstack M4?

    • Reply
      Hobby Laser Cutters February 6, 2023 at 20:11

      I don’t think there is a rotary option.

      • Can you replace the lens to make the engraving area larger? I see many replacement lenses for sale on Amazon. They are f theta m85 threaded lenses. Are these the correct replacement lenses?

        • Hobby Laser Cutters September 24, 2023 at 08:02

          I don’t know if they are correct replacement, but I think it is possible to replace it. But I wouldn’t know which one will fit.

          The problem with bigger area is that the laser spot is also bigger and therefore less engraving effect. THe machine already has little power.

  3. Hi,
    One of the photo above showed cylinder blank with engraving “For sculpfun S10”.
    Did you made it with this reviewed item? If so, does it mean that the beam is still in focuse on the cylinder of that diameter?

  4. need help please my UsB flash drive they gave me wont work and I have a very little experience with a laser Griers at all. I am trying to figure out a way to download the CAD and use the software in somewhere or another and I need help had it for over a weekend. haven’t got it going yet if anyone can help me please.

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