Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite is a Laser Engraver ANYONE Can Use! (Review and Test)

The Laserpecker L1 Pro is a laser engraver that anyone can use. It requires very little technical knowledge and can be controlled with a feature rich smartphone app that is very intuitive to use. A great machine for starting your journey with laser engraving and making personalized gifts or adding your personalized touch on your products.

Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite

What Is The Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite?

The Laserpecker L1 Pro  is very different from other laser engravers we have tested so far. It is a mini laser engraver that is controlled via bluetooth using a smartphone app. You don’t need a PC to control this engraver. The maximum engraving area of this laser is 10cm*10cm.

We have tested the Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite package which comes with an autofocusing stand that really transforms it to the next level.

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Laser Diode

The laser diode is 500mW diode, advertised to have 1500mW output power. This are a bit strange specs, but through the tests we have performed, we think that the optical laser power should be closer to the 1.5W than 0.5W as it is engraving quite well.

This laser machine has no moving parts, it internally deflects the laser beam while the head remans stationary. Which looks very cool.

I would also recommend getting more quality protection googles with OD6+ protection. You only have one pair of eyes. Protect them! These lasers work in visible light spectrum and even reflections can be very harmful for your eyes!

Focusing procedure

The focus distance of the Laserpecker L1 Pro is 20cm which is exactly the length of the supplied ruler. This means that you need to position the laser head 20cm above the object surface.

With the autofocusing stand this is very simple, you just place the autofocusing sheet of paper on the object and press the focus button. The stand will raise the laser head to the required distance.

Focusing the standard Laserpecker L1 Pro  with the tripod stand  takes a little bit more time, because it takes some iterations of adjusting the length of the tripod legs just right.

The advantage of using the tripod stand is that you can also tilt the laser head sideways and engrave on big objects. You also have the ability to place the tripod directly on big object like a table or a bench and engrave directly on the surface below.

With the Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite package you get both versions of the stand.

Special Features

Laserpeckers special feature is a feature rich smartphone app which comes with a lot of sample desighns in the library. it also has a lot of material presets. It takes just a little bit of fine adjusting the parameters to get a perfect engraving.

The Laserpekcer L1 Pro is definitely the easiest laser engraver to use.

Another special feature is that because it is powered by USB C, it can be powered by a powerbank:

Laserpecker pwoered from a power bank

Using this big powerbank, the Laserpecker L1 Pro discharges only abouit 1% of capacity per 10 minutes of operation.

Software and Supported Formats

As previously mentioned, the Laserpecker L1 Pro is controlled by a smartphone app.

The app has a ton of presets for variety of materials and it takes just a little bit of tweaking to get the settings just right and produce a perfect engraving.

These are the main options:

  • text engraving
  • finger drawing
  • photo engraving
  • QR code and barcode generation

The most impressive is photo engraving. It is surprisingly fast. You take a photo (or choose it from an album) and then you apply the filters to get a desired effect. Some editing and erasing is also possible. And the result is awesome!

Finger drawing is also cool, because you can engrave your signature anywhere 🙂

Our Test Results

We made some tests on different materials. You can watch the video at the top of the article or check the images of results below.

Cutting and Engraving Different Materials

Engrave: wood, leather, cotton (clothing), rubber, paper, fruit, foam, felt, plastic, fruit peels and much more…

This machine is not a laser cutter and thus cannot cut much. The thickest stuff it can cut is paper or a masking tape (which is cool for making stencils).

Always use the machine in well ventilated places.

Sample Graphics

Here is an example of a beautiful horse from the examples folder:

Photo Engravings

Photo engravings come out awesome. Here is an example where I engraved a photo of the Laserpecker L1 Pro that I took with my smartphone and I applied a few filters in the app:

Here is an example of a photo of a Slash that I found on the internet and engraved it on a guitar amplifier:

maximum sized photo engraving on painted wood

Finger drawings

Finger drawings will add a personalized touch or a signature to your artwork:

Even More Examples

Here is a few more examples.

QR code is engraved on a piece of Poplar Plywood. Wood engravings come out very nice.

I aslo engraved a logo on a real leather wallet and engraving came out perfect! This is a great idea for making personalized gifts that will last a long time!

Cutting Test

I tried to cut a 3mm thick Poplar plywood with full power and 50 passes but the machine was unable to cut it.

But the machine is not advertised as a laser cutter anyway,

laserpecker plywood cutting test

Whe thickest stuff you will be able to cut is a thin paper or a masking tape which is great for making stencils for using when spraying paint.

cutting masking tape with laserpecker

The easiest laser engraver to use!


The Laserpecker L1 Pro is a great choice for someone that wants to get into the world of laser engraving, but does not want to overcomplicate things. Simple to use, controllable with a smartphone - the Laserpecker L1 Pro is a great option for someone that is not a tech savvy and just wants to add a personalized touch to their products or crafts, or wants to give personalized gifts or just wants to have some fun and engrave just about anything that comes to mind 🙂

You can use coupon code "laserpecker1pro " at checkout on orders over 100$ for 5$ extra discount.

Buy Laserpecker L1 Pro

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