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What is the xTool D1 INFRARED Laser Module? (Hint: Amazing New Engraving Capabilities!) – REVIEW and TEST

Instead of emitting blue light like most diode laser engravers, the xTool Infrared laser module emits the invisible infrared light. Infrared light has ...

This is Why You NEED a Laser Engraver Enclosure (And Our Best Picks in 2022)

As a proud owner of a laser engraver, you should know that an enclosure is an important part of using your equipment safely and effectively. Enclosures help ...

How Does Air Assist Help With Laser Cutting? SCULPFUN S9/S10 vs. XTOOL D1 PRO Tested

If you're a hobbyist, craft business owner, DIY enthusiast, or aircraft model maker, then you know that laser cutting is a popular and efficient way to create ...

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Is The xTool D1 PRO Really The BEST Laser Cutter/Engraver Machine? We Put It to the TEST! (Review)

The Makeblock xTool D1 Pro 20W laser engraver is a state-of the art do-it-all laser engraver that can tackle any task you throw at it! In this article we have ...

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