This Slick Sculpfun Rotary Roller Attachment Will Make Your Laser Spin! REVIEW

If you want to engrave cylindrical objects, then the Sculpfun rotary roller attachment is a tool to choose! It is highly adjustable roller system which fits many popular laser engraver brands and will allow you to engrave cylindrical objects of all sizes! Read this review to see how it performs in real life!

The Sculpfun Laser Rotary Roller Attachment

The Sculpfun has finally released its own version of the rotary roller attachment for use with their laser engravers. But the attachment can also be used with Atomstack, Ortur and Neje laser engravers and other similar machines.

The attachment is large, very well built and highly adjustable. The rubber rollers are very grippy and will be able to keep good grip with many materials. It can be used with cylinders sized from 6mm to 150mm in diameter.

We decided to put the Sculpfun Rotary Roller Attachment  to the test to see what you can do with it.

In the package you also get the wiring harness, a tape measure, rubber feet and raiser feet for the machine.

In the package you also get two cables. One to use with the Sculpfun and Atomstack machines and the other to use with Or-tur and Ne-j laser engravers.

Connection is easy. One end goes into the attachments stepper motor and the other end plugs instead of the x-axis motor on the left of the machine. Then, you need to install the raiser feet on the machine to accommodate the taller cylindrical objects.

Adjusting The Rollers

Adjusting the rollers is easy on the Sculpfun Rotary Roller Attachment. First, you need to release the roller and tensioner and slide the roller to the position you want. Use the scale lines on both sides to make sure that the rollers are parallel. And lastly, tighten the belt tensioner.

Some Things That You Can Make With The Sculpfun Rotary Roller Attachment

Here is a short video showing the things we have made. Watch it if you prefer the video format.

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Anodized Aluminium Storage Can

Black anodized aluminium is perfect for high quality engravings. The result looks very professional, and the engraving is permanent. I used speed of 1500mm/min and full power and 0.07mm step for fill.

Engraving Wooden Storage Jars and Cups

Wood engravings come out very nice and detailed.

Engraving wooden cylinders with Sculpfun Rotary Roller Attachment

Engraving Ceramic Cups

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Engrave Coated Stainless Steel Thermal Flask

Here is an example of a large engraving I made on a stainless steel thermal flask which is coated with rubber. Laser burns away the rubber, exposing the stainless steel below. You need to adjust the power just enough so that it removes the rubber, but does not mark the stainless steel. I used speed of 2000mm/min and 50% power. Fill step was set at 0.07mm. After engraving, we cleaned the surface with a dish cleaning sponge and some water and soap to wash away the residue. The result is very professional looking!

Engraving on thermal flask with Sculpfun Rotary Roller Attachment


Preferably you should engrave stuff by scanning left and right line by line like I did with my thermal flask.

And you need to watch when engraving vector images by tracing the vectors directly. All of the rubber roller rotary system designs will start to loose position when engraving complex vector images. This is the nature of the design itself. We tested this also on the xTool roller system and it has the same problem.  The only way around this is to get a chuck style rotary system which clamps the object like in a lathe. But these are way more expensive and are meant for bigger lasers.

On the rubber roller system, the engravings will start to get offset like this pattern I have tried to engrave on this cup. A lot of rolling movements will accumulate the error. This is why you should always use line by line scanning like a printer. But simpler vector designs and text still come out OK.

Here is an example of how a vector design will came out a little bit offset:

A highly adjustable rotary attachment that supports 95% of all the laser engravers on the market


Sculpfun Rotary Roller Attachment is a great low profile roller system that is easily adjustable and does a great job at engraving cylindrical objects of all sizes.

If you like the machine, you can buy it through the links below.

Use coupon BG7e0817 for the roller (95$ with coupon) and BG4ea776 for the Sculpfun S9 (279$ with coupon)

Coupon valid only until 30. April!

Buy Sculpfun Rotary SystemBuy Sculpfun S9

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6.8 Total Score
Atomstack A5 20W

Good laser engraver, but the rectangular diode may not be good for every task

Machine construction
Laser power
Laser focus
Engraving performance
Cutting performance
Ease of assembly
Focusing procedure
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Good for engraving non detailed stuff
  • Quite big rectangular dot
  • Weak cutting performance
  • Negative
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