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Searching for the perfect laser engraver or cutter? Look no further than here at HobbyLaserCutters.com! Here we take laser engraving seriously. We test out all the best laser engravers on the market and for each laser engraving machine we post a detailed review article, so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. We test diode, CO2 and fiber lasers.


In each article, we first present the machine and tell you its technical details (engraving size, software, connectivity, focusing procedure…) and its special features (offline controller, SD card, LCD screen, limit switches…) , then we put all the machines through the same series of tests, ranging from laser engraving to laser cutting various materials like plywood, solid hardwood, acrylic, metal and stone!


We show you what are the strong points and weaknesses of each individual machine (like engraving speed and size, laser module focus spot size and precision and of course we also measure its true laser power. We also let you know of all of their special features.


Below, you will find our review articles neatly categorized , so you can easily find the laser engraver that fits your needs and budget. Check out our laser engraver reviews of the xTool, Sculpfun, Atomstack, Ortur, Neje, Comgrow and many more brands! We’re sure you’ll find the perfect engraver for your needs!

Our Favourite Laser Engravers

Below we will be taking a look at some of our personal favourites. Whether they are cheap or expensive, weak or strong, we like them either because of their features, convenience of use or their good price performance.


However, this does not mean that other machines are bad, since different people have different definitions of what is a good laser engraver for their need. With that said, let’s take a look at some laser engravers and accessories that we think are worth your attention.

CO2 Laser Cutter Reviews

If you need to laser cut faster, CO2 laser cutters are what you need. With a CO2 laser cutter, you can get the job done in less than half the time needed with the best diode laser engravers on the market today. Not only that, but CO2 laser cutters are more precise than regular laser cutters and offer much more stable mechanics. They usually weigh almost ten times as much as the diode counterparts. This means that the fine engravings will not have the wobbly lines that are common with the lightweight diode laser engravers. CO2 laser cutters are also more versatile. You can use them to engrave and cut different materials, including transparent and white plastics which is not possible with diode laser engravers. But the CO2 laser cutters are more complex than diode engravers and because of that, they cost a bit more. If you’re looking for a faster, more precise, and more versatile laser cutter, CO2 laser cutters are the way to go.

Fiber Laser Reviews

If you want to have things engraved in a blink of an eye, then you should definitely check the fiber laser engravers. We are not kidding. These lasers are 100 times faster than conventional gantry laser engravers. And they are MUCH more precise thanks to the smallest laser spot size amongst all laser types. These things cost tens of thousands of dollars not so long ago and now they are becoming more and more affordable to small businesses and hobbyists. These laser marking machines are the best for engraving metals and plastics and are a ton of fun to play with! Keychains, dog tags, metal business cards, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, they got you covered!

40W Octa-diode Laser Engraver Reviews

The development is pushing diode laser engravers further and further! This year we are witnessing first octa-diode laser engravers! These monsters have EIGHT 5W laser sources combined into one single and very powerful 40W laser beam! Their performance rivals CO2 laser cutters and they are to be taken very seriously!
These are state-of-the-art laser cutters with the highest price tag, but their performance is unmatched in the diode laser engraver world!

20W Quad-diode Laser Engraver Reviews

20W machines are one of the the fastest, the most feature-rich and the most capable diode laser engravers on the market today. They have quad-diode laser head which combines the output of four separate laser diodes into one single laser beam using the compressed spot technology. Due to their high power, they are very fast at laser engraving and laser cutting very thick wood and plastics that weaker machines can’t cut.

But the performance and great build quality comes with a premium price tag. Though 20W laser engraver machine is not cheap, their capabilities are worth the investment for anyone who needs to do a lot of engraving or cutting either for personal needs or even for running a small business as these lasers are capable enough for a commercial use. These 20W work horses can handle any job you throw at them, making them the best choice for those who need a powerful and reliable machine that can cut a lot of stuff quickly.

10W Dual-diode Laser Engraver Reviews

10W laser engravers are great for anyone looking for a balance between price and performance. They feature dual laser diode technology, which is ideal for combining laser beams from two different laser diodes into one powerful beam.


10W laser engravers are also feature rich, just like their 20W bigger brothers. But due to lower output power they take a bit more time to do the same job. This makes them a great option for a serious DIY laser engraving, or a small business owner that does not need high volume production. If you are looking for an affordable engraver that can do it all, then 10W is the way to go!

5W Diode Laser Engraver Reviews

5W engravers are some of the most popular machines on the market, and for a good reason. They are affordable, versatile, and easy to use, making them a great choice for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts and occasional users. 5W laser enrgavers are capable of engraving wood, plastic, and many other materials, and can even cut reasonably thick materials.


Most 5W lasers cost less than $300, making them a great value for the money. Due to their low power, the 5W laser engravers are slower than their bigger counterparts, needing more than just one pass to cut through stuff, but they are still pretty capable. If you are looking for an engraver machine that is capable of doing a lot of work for a low price, then a 5W laser engraver is the way to go.

Laser Engraver Upgrades and Accessories

If you have specific needs, you can further improve your laser engraving capabilities with the right accessories. There are many options available, ranging from expansion kits for expanding the work surface to rotary roller attachments for engraving cylindrical objects. And if you’re looking to improve your laser cutting, an air assist kit can help with that, too!


With so many options available, there’s sure to be a laser engraving accessory that can help you take your projects to the next level. So why not check out what we have tested so far and see how you can improve your laser engraving today?

Other Machines and Tests

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