Unlock Your Creative Genius on a Budget: Sculpfun iCube Laser Engraver Review

In the dynamic world of do-it-yourself crafting, the Sculpfun iCube has emerged as a game-changer, bringing innovation and affordability to laser engraving enthusiasts. This small and portable laser engraver is not only budget-friendly but also offers a range of features that make it a great choice for both beginners and experienced creators.

The Sculpfun iCube Review

Compact and Portable Design

The Sculpfun iCube laser engraver boasts a compact design that makes it easy to carry around and set up wherever your creativity takes you. Its portability opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to personalize and customize items on the go, whether you’re at home, in a workshop, or showcasing your skills at a craft fair or on a street full of turists.

Enough Working Area

Despite its compact size, the Sculpfun iCube doesn’t compromise much on the working area. With a working area of 130mm square, this laser engraver provides enough space to bring your creative contraptions to life. From personalized gifts to intricate designs on various materials, the possibilities are huge. The working area is just enough for covering 95% of engraving needs, and it is still small enough to be easily portable.

Sculpfun iCube laser engraver also features limit switches on both axis, enabling auto calibration and consistent positioning accuracy and ease of use.

Safety and Versatility in Design

The semi-enclosed design of the Sculpfun iCube ensures a balance between safety and versatility. The enclosed structure provides a level of protection, making it suitable to work in places where a lot of people will be around, making sure that everyone around the machine will be safe but still be able to see what the machine is doing.

If you work in a more controlled environment, you can still remove the protective light shield and engrave on objects that are larger than the machine size. Removable light shield also allows for easy access to the working area and helps, by containing the smoke and directing it to the internal filtration system for smoke purification.

This design choice enhances user safety without limiting the creative possibilities.

Built-In Safety Features

Safety and user health are important, and the Sculpfun iCube takes it seriously. Apart from protecting the user from harmful laser light, the Sculpfun iCube laser engraver comes equipped with a built-in smoke filter, effectively eliminating smoke and odors during operation. Furthermore, a built-in temperature sensor adds an extra layer of protection by triggering an alarm in the event of a potential fire hazard.

Affordability Without Compromise

One of the more attractive features of the Sculpfun iCube is its affordability. Despite being budget-friendly, it doesn’t compromise on functionality. This makes it an excellent choice for hobbyists and maybe even small businesses looking to delve into laser engraving without breaking the bank.

Connectivity Options for Seamless Operation

The Sculpfun iCube laser engraving machine is designed with connectivity in mind. It supports USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi, giving users the flexibility to connect and control the engraver in a way that suits their preferences. This seamless integration ensures a smooth workflow and allows for easy collaboration with other devices.

User-Friendly Software Compatibility

Ease of use is a priority with the Sculpfun iCube. This laser engraver works seamlessly with Lightburn software, a popular choice in the laser engraving community. Additionally, a dedicated smartphone app enhances user convenience, providing a user-friendly interface for controlling the engraver from your mobile device.

Laser Power Options to Suit Your Needs

The Sculpfun iCube offers three laser module options, ranging from 3W, 5W and 10W of power. This versatility allows users to choose the power level that best suits their projects.

The lower the power, the smaller the focus spot which is great for engraving small and intricate designs. But more power you have, the more stuff you can laser cut, instead of just engraving. We have tested the 5W version which is a good compromise if you want to do everything. 

Whether you’re engraving intricate details or working on larger surfaces, the customizable power options ensure that you have the right tool for the job.

Here Are Some Cool Examples That You Can Make With the Sculpfun iCube Laser Engraver

Engraving signatures or hand drawings using the mobile app

It is very easy to engrave some hand scribbles using the smartphone app. Adjusting settings is easy and you get the engraving done in minutes.

Laser cutting plywood with the Sculpfun iCube

Using the Lightburn software it is easy to set up engraving or laser cutting of more inticate vector designs.

Here we have cut a circle from a 3mm thick Poplar plywood. The machine was able to cut through in less than 2 passes at 400mm/min which is very good for 5W laser module. It left a very clean cut with practically no charring.

This results is even better than the 5W Sculpfun S9 which was the most popular choice last year.

Engraving anodized aluminum tags

This machine does a perfect job at engraving coated metal tags and keychains. We have engraved a coated aluminum tag from  Chewbarka and the result was perfect!

What materials can Sculpfun iCube engrave?

The Sculpfun iCube laser engraver can engrave all materials that can be engraved with any diode laser.

It can engrave paper, plastics (some are dangerous when laser cut!), acrylic, cardboard, stone, stainless steel (with higher powered modules), …

You can read this article if you want to get some ideas on what you can do with a 5W laser engraver.

And we also have another post on our site, which shows some more extraordinary materials that you can use your laser on.

Compact and portable laser engraver for an affordable price

Is the Sculpfun iCube Worth It?

In conclusion, the Sculpfun iCube laser engraver stands out as an affordable, versatile, and user-friendly tool that empowers creators to bring their ideas to life. Its combination of compact design, customizable power options, and safety features make it a great addition to any DIY enthusiast's toolkit. Whether you're a hobbyist exploring the world of laser engraving or a small business looking for a reliable and budget-friendly solution, the Sculpfun iCube opens up a realm of creative possibilities.

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