Top 10 AMAZING LASER ENGRAVING Project Ideas (Made With Sculpfun S9)

"Laser engravers are getting more and more capable these days. I know what you're thinking, "I am not a maker, I don't need to be reading this." Okay, but bear with me for a second. There has never been a better time to get into laser engraving because the machines have gotten so much easier to use in recent years. You can find them for around $300 now.The future is here! Let's explore it together!

Amazing Laser Engraver (And Cutter) Project Ideas

Affordable laser engravers are getting more and more popular and more importantly, more and more capable. With the machines we have tested, you can do so much more than engraving! Here you will see the top 10 amazing project ideas you can make with a good laser engraver!

For this article, we have used the newest and the best machine from Sculpfun – the Sculpfun S9. Its special ability is a powerful laser with a narrow focus point which stays focused on a great distance, allowing you to cut thick materials. If you are interested in technical test of this machine, check our review here.

There is a certain level of satisfaction that comes from making your own things. It’s the feeling of pride you get when you finish something and it looks good, or knowing that you can produce a quality product without having to pay for it.

If you like the video format, you can watch the video on Youtube:

10 - The Wooden Puzzle

The best way to beat the winter blues is by keeping your brain sharp with some DIY puzzles.  Wooden puzzles are a great way to stimulate ‘s creativity and imagination. Here’s a fun one that will keep you on your toes, and it can be made entirely with a good laser engraver! The laser engravers has come down in price significantly over the last few years, making it more accessible than ever before for hobbyists and makers alike. This project is an easy introduction to using a laser engraver as well as building wooden jigsaw puzzles.

I bought the design for cheap on

9 - The Acrylic Ornaments

The holidays are just around the corner and we’re all scrambling to get our shopping done, but why not take a break and try something new? This year for your gift-giving needs, consider making acrylic ornaments with a laser engraver. First you need to download an image file of what you want engraved on the acrylic. You can find a lot of designs on websites that offer free vector designs.  If you don’t ahve a vector vile, but a regular image, use program like Inkscape to create a vector version of your design, where you’ll convert it into an outline drawing called ‘path.’ Finally, upload this path onto your laser engraver software where it will cut away at the material.

This machine can easily cut dark acrylic. The easiest to cut is the black acrylic, but here I have tried cutting the yellow one. The machine needed about twice as many passes as for the black one, because the yellow color reflects more light than dark colors. But it cut out this cool fish very nicely. I used some black spray paint to fill in the engravings and wiped the excess with a cloth soaked in acetone and it came out very nice!

8 - Making Custom Rubber Stamps

I bet you thought that laser engraving was just for making art or cutting out materials. Well, I’m here to show you how to use your laser engraver to make rubber stamps! The process is surprisingly easy and anyone can do it with a few materials from the hardware store. All you need is a laser engraver and a little time on your hands.

I used moderate power and speed and I used cross hatch infill. The result is a little bit burned, but it cleans nicely with a damp paper towel. The engraving is deep and has a nice edge. After engraving rubber or other dusty materials it is always recommended to clean the lens with a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol. This makes sure the laser will always work at maximum power.

I got stamps from Aliexpress.

7 - Pepakura Papercraft

Papercraft is one of those hobbies that everyone loves but no one ever seems to get around to doing. Well guess what, we’ve found a way for you to learn papercraft, and all by yourself! It’s so easy – just plug it in, download a free design template or upload your own artwork and start cutting your own designs right away! You can definitely see that these were the first ever papercraft things that I made. I still need some practice at glueing :)

This machine cuts thick paper like butter. I tried to do some paper art from plans I got from the internet. With reduced power you can mark the lines where the bends will be, and then, the paper bends very easily.

Paper craft is a fun hobby to take up. You can make your own cards and art, and even some useful items such as coasters or gift boxes.

6 - Engrave Your Clothes and Make Them Unique!

Laser engraver’s like the new kid on the block. It can be used to make your clothes unique and personal by engraving them with designs, text, or even a logo.  If you’re looking to make your clothes stand out in a crowd, then laser engraving is the way to go. It offers an easy way to create custom designs on anything from t-shirts, jeans, or dresses. It’s also relatively inexpensive when compared with other methods like screen printing which can cost a lot!

Laser engraving works by using a laser beam that etches into the fabric without damaging any part of the garment. The result is a crisp design that will last through many wash cycles and even after multiple wears.

With a power dialed in just right, you can engrave your favorite image right on your jeans! It also works on real leather and faux leather. You just need to get the power setting right or else you will quickly have a hole in your pants :D

5 - Cutting Puzzles From Thick Wood

A puzzle is a great way to keep your brain active, but what do you do if you’ve run out of puzzles? You can always make more! But first, the materials. A laser engraver will be used to cut these simple shapes from 10mm thick wood. All one needs are some good speed settings and patience for this DIY project.

What separates the Sculpfun S9 machine from the rest is the fact, that this machine has a laser beam, that stays in focus for much greater distance than others, which means you can cut thicker materials. Cutting wood this thick would be impossible on Atomstack A5 Pro or the Sculpfun S6 Pro. For optimal cutting of thick materials, focus the head a few millimeters lower than normal. If necessary, remove the acrylic guard. But always wear safety goggles! Here is an example of cutting a cute balancing rabbit puzzle I bought for cheap on

4 - Cutting Custom Event Tickets From Cardboard

You might not be able to afford a fortune in concert tickets, so why not try making your own? With the help of laser engravers and some DIY spirit you can make custom tickets for any occasion. The best part about this process is that it’s easy enough for anyone to do.

This machine has a very fine focus spot, and it can engrave images with very high detail and contrast. The thing that will really convince you is the ability to make perforations for the tear-away part of the ticket. In Lightburn software you just set a layer to “perforation”, adjust the settings and it makes the perforations automatically!

The most astonishing thing on the Sculpfun S9 machine is that it has a very fine focus spot. This way it can produce a very detailed images like the image of John Lennon below!

3 - The Awesome Tree Clock

If you are looking for a fun and easy project to engross yourself in this weekend, then crafting your own clock is the perfect choice. Using laser engraver, you can create their own unique timepiece that will stand out from any other on the market.

This project is one of my favourites. I got the design for free from somewhere on the internet, but I have forgot where. Here you can download the design. and I got the clock mechanism for cheap from Aliexpress. I cut the design from 3mm plywood and glued a thick black paper on the back side for reinforcement and contrast. I used the seconds pointer just for the video, the clock looks more professional without it. Seconds mean nothing to the eternal trees :D

2- Making Custom Boxes Of All Shapes And Sizes In Minutes!

I am going to share a simple way you can create a laser cutter box in under 10 minutes. No custom design needed! It is a great project for beginners and hobbyists who want something that they don’t need to spend countless hours designing or making from scratch. All that’s required is a laser engraver and 10 minutes spent on this free online box generator.

This laser cutter box generator will save you hours of time and give your project the perfect finishing touch! When I first started making things, I spent a lot of time trying to design a wooden box. It was frustrating because It took a lot of time for each box shape. This is where that handy little tool comes in: it’s an online tool that takes all the work out of making boxes! All you need to do is type in what kind of box you want (square, rectangle, flexible, etc), then click “generate” and voila – there’s your custom-made box for whatever shape or size you need.

1 - Engraving Stainless Steel!

Are you looking for something new to engrave? Want your jewellery or dog tag to be engraved with laser technology instead of traditional methods like stamping or etching? I’ll show you how!
It’s perfect for giving your handmade jewellery that extra personal touch without all the effort!

This machine is powerful enough to engrave stainless steel! Yes, you heard that right. First, the steel needs to be blackened with a cheap black spray paint. Engrave with slow speed. Then wipe the paint off with the acetone. The engraving is very durable and doesn’t scratch off easily.


The 10 project ideas in this blog post are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do with your laser engraver. After reading about these projects, I hope you’ve found some inspiration and motivation to buy one for yourself!

If so, please do not hesitate to use the links provided below that will take you directly to each machine’s best place online for purchase! Thank you for reading this article all the way through–I know it was long but if you made it this far then hopefully there are some projects near the end that caught your eye or at least gave you a few new ideas on how to make money with these machines. Good luck out there, makers!

The Machines That Can Make This Stuff

All of these projects were made using the new Sculpfun S9. You can buy it by clicking the link below. By buying through the link, we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us to keep this website running and provide you with all this content for free! Also check the links below for other vendors!

And don't forget to read our full technical review of the Sculpfun S9!

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